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How to bring the outside in

Words by Cassie Harrison

If 2020 is the year for anything, it's for slowing down and living local, taking the time to appreciate what we do have, not what we might be missing out on.

You have a strong connection to nature. Which is why you are here and a part of the Women of Wander community. It's also likely you are already utilising every minute of that daily hour to be outside. Keep reading to find out just how beneficial this part of your day might be.

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Forest Bathing. Known to the Japanese as 'shinrin-yoku'. Have you heard of it?

Chances are you've been practising shinrin-yoku for a while now. It's the Japanese practice of immersing yourself in nature and reaping the rewards. Being in nature can actually improve our immunity and mental health. Two things we can always make room for.

As you're bathing in nature (you will still need to shower), breathe in the scents, sights and sounds. Feel the stress of the day melt away as you invite more positive thoughts to fill your mind.

How can we incorporate forest bathing into our homes during lockdown? Print your favourite forest photos, the ones that evoke emotion and take you back to that moment and space. Check out this article in the New Yorker for some more inspiration.

How else can you bring nature into the other 23 hours in our day?

Try creating a nature mandala out of flora from your local surrounds.

This activity can be used as meditation, losing yourself in the task at hand. The literal translation for mandala is circle. Creating a nature mandala is a chance to express creativity and connect with parts of the natural environment you may walk passed every day. Start by collecting natural elements from your backyard and local area. If you can't get outside to collect your flora, you could try your hand at drawing one.

We would love to see your mandalas, please tag us @womenofwander


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