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Our goal is to have you finishing the trip feeling even better than when you started. To do that we focus on connecting with nature and fueling our active bodies with our fresh organic menu created by our in-house nutritionist. We encourage our wander-women to warm up and cool down with yoga mats, rollers and how-to guides, to minimise the impact of exercise that might be above that of your regular routine. And then there's the fresh air and connections made with inspiring women - healthy bodies and minds!



Why plant-based?

Being remote and away from refrigeration for 4-5 days, preservatives are needed to keep meat and dairy fresh. This is why we focus on a plant-based diet for our treks. Plants are abundant in vitamins and minerals and our energy levels will be fueled by the goodness provided by vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Our meal plans are approved by a registered nutritionist to ensure optimal balance for the needs of your active body throughout the trek.


Why organic?

Organic produce has been shown to be superior in nutrient density as well as having a low impact on the environment. Fewer toxins mean improved liver function and optimal digestion to get our bodies functioning at their vibrant best. Menu collaborated with our knowledge of staying fresh in the bush and our nutritionists expert advice.

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Sample menu

Waking up to  the birds chirping and a warm cup of herbal tea or coffee. Followed by a breakfast spread of warm quinoa chia porridge. A choose your own adventure with various toppings including fresh fruit, nut butter & yoghurt. 

Morning snack of fruit & tamari almonds.

Peanut satay rice paper rolls for lunch, filled with tofu, fresh vegetables, avocado & Vietnamese mint. 

Date logs filled with nut butter, brazil nuts & dark choc to see us through the afternoon. 

Complete the day with a hearty Mexican bowl with wild rice, guacamole, sauteed vegetables, beans and a handful of corn chips. 

All meals cooked fresh with organic plant based wholefoods, we select from our list of recipes to suit activity levels and the weather
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Healthy Bodies

You will work for your supper but with minimal strain on your body - light packs and friendly terrain. We leave plenty of time to reach camp, so distances are physically challenging but very obtainable.


In camp, you will have access to our recovery station including yoga mats, a foam roller and suggested yoga sequences. There will be additional walking options on offer for those keen for more.


We've had ladies in their mid-30s to their mid-60s loving these trips. So if you’re a golfer, occasional gym goer or yoga lover, these are the trips for you. Still not sure? Get in touch and we can talk it over.

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